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The birth of, What now for Nigeria Ecommerce?

The birth of, What now for Nigeria Ecommerce?

In 2010, Ringier Africa Deals Group bought over sim segar’s dealdey and grounded it till date,


Ringier Africa Deals Group Acquires Nigerian Online Shopping Platform  DealDey - Ringier

the Swiss media and e-commerce company could be perceived to be inconsiderate by many dealdey users who are becoming accustom to the dealday’s operations.



Jiji on the other hand bought over OLX in 2013 and compressed it into their native services leaving many big holes, you would accept that OLX had their flair and ways of solving problems, –


Vconnect was huge


How to Use VConnect.Com to Find Addresses of Businesses in Nigeria –  OgbongeBlog

but they left the Nigerian / African market with so many unfinished business, the Nigeria E-commerce market  was actually left with little options,



Hence the birth of


Vbn means verified Nigeria businesses,

vbn is first a platform that physically verifies the authenticity of Nigerian businesses, if a business is listed on the platform you can confidently know that their business address have been verified and certified true.

As a well-structured e-commerce organization, we have begun registration of vendors across the country and continent, our vision is to ensure that Nigerian products including lots which have never been captured online get across the people at the comfort of their devices.


You too use the discounted services to buy numerous listed services at very discounted rate, or also use the platform to post your services and receive wide range of patronage.


A new phase has started, the Nigerian E-commerce is on its way to upgrade with the VBN well structed system.

With there will be no need to fear vendors identity, all vendors are physically verified and registered to a system that cross check with vendors with in short time intervals.


Secured payment system, VBN is running on flutterwave payment gateway which is one of the most flexible payment gateways in Nigeria right now.


If you are searching for Nigeria business with updated phones and verified address, use the platform to locate them directly.

By Engr. Ezekwere Ndubuisi Henry

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