Should The Payment Of Ransom To Kidnappers Be Encouraged?


Barely 24 hours after he regained his freedom, the Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, His Eminence Samuel Uche has confirmed his captors were paid the sum of N100 million.

Uche made the confirmation at a press conference in Lagos, revealing that the monies were arranged in five sacks of N20 million.

He further disclosed that the monies were raised by the Methodist church in Nigeria, affirming that neither the Federal, nor state government, as well as the military or police, intervened while still in captivity.

Recall that the cleric was kidnapped last Sunday in Abia State, but was released Monday.

He was kidnapped alongside two others, including the Bishop of Methodist Church, Owerri Diocese and the Prelate’s chaplain.

Reports they were whisked away at about 2pm on their way from a church programme in Okigwe, Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria, to Isuochi in Umu Nneochi Local Government Area of Abia State, also in the South Eastern part of the country.


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