How Do I Get and keep Responsive Subscribers?


All email marketers want to have a list of consumers who read their emails and buy something when they send out special offers. This is unrealistic, but a list consisting with tire kickers and freebie seekers is the last thing you want. Of course, there is no way to completely regulate this, but there are some things you can do to reduce the number of unsuitable subscribers.

 What are the sources of your traffic?

The source of your traffic is a crucial consideration. Traffic that comes from a low-cost source will almost never result in a buyer’s list. Avoid using “safe lists” for traffic or other similar services that require you to subscribe to their list before they would join yours. These individuals will never open your communications, much less make a purchase.

You must make certain that your traffic is focused. Because it is targeted, traffic from the Warrior Forum is more likely to create better subscribers if your topic is making money online. Don’t try to obtain traffic from general forums — it won’t work out. It’s a smart idea to use Facebook advertisements because you can be very particular about the demographics.

Despite the fact that practically everyone wants to make more money, traffic from unrelated websites is likely to attract freebie hunters and tire kickers. They are only looking for information. Members of the Warrior Forum are truly interested in making money online, thus they are more likely to respond.

Make use of the Double-Opt-In Confirmation option.

After a visitor opts in, many email marketers make the mistake of instantly redirecting them to their lead magnet download page. You have no way of knowing whether the visitor’s email address is valid, so you’re just giving away your lead magnet for free.

With double opt in, you may lose a few opt ins, but you will end up with a better class of subscriber. They are more likely to read your emails when you send them if they are willing to go to the trouble of verifying their interest. You don’t want them anyway if they can’t be bothered.

If you want to increase the amount of opt-ins, make individuals more interested in your lead magnet and email newsletter once they’ve signed up. Send them to a website that will do it for them. Tell them that your lead magnet and emails provide them with a lot of value.

Tell your subscribers up front that you will occasionally send emails with offers in them. Always keep track of your open and click rates. This information will be provided by your autoresponder service. Tell your subscribers that you’re doing this, and some tire kickers will be deterred.

 Keep track of your activities and keep your to-do list clean.

Take a thorough look at your list’s subscriber activities. If you have a large number of subscribers who haven’t opened any of your emails in a long time, it’s time to unsubscribe them. A subscriber’s failure to open your emails could be due to a number of factors:






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