How Do I Develop And Implement A Warehouse Maintenance Plan?



An ongoing warehouse maintenance plan is required to ensure safe warehouse operations and compliance with OSHA rules. Maintaining a safe workplace necessitates regular upkeep. Creating a maintenance plan should include realistic measurements and expectations for important elements such as vehicles, systems, and operations in your facility on a regular basis. Inspecting, cleaning, and servicing every aspect of your organization on a regular basis should also be part of the plan.

You can ensure that malfunctioning or inefficient equipment does not endanger your employees’ safety or productivity by employing a rigorous management and maintenance strategy.

What should be included in your warehouse maintenance plan?


  1. Vehicles– According to OSHA regulations, vehicles must be inspected daily before being used. However, daily inspection differs from routine maintenance, and both are necessary to keep your forklifts and warehouse vehicles running at maximum capacity. Operators need a multi-point inspection sheet to help them complete maintenance checks and ensure that the forklift, truck, and other equipment are in good working order. Then, from forks to tyres, inspect each component and correct any problems right away.


  1. Batteries & Chargers – Battery and charger maintenance improves the life of your facility’s equipment. Train your employees on how to remove and charge forklift batteries safely, as well as what to look for during a routine inspection. When the remaining capacity of most electric forklift batteries is less than 40%, it is preferable to charge them. Follow the 8-8-8 Rule as a general guideline: 8 hours of operation, 8 hours of charging, and 8 hours of cooling.


  1. Pallet Racking – To meet OSHA requirements, it is critical to conduct complete pallet rack audits by certified personnel at least once a year. They will give you a report on the quality and safety of your racking system, as well as any necessary repairs. However, ensuring safety in your storage area requires regular examination and, more crucially, rapid response to racking where vehicle collisions or other damage has happened. Be on the lookout for damaged, fractured, or sagging upright beams. Pallet loads that are crooked or inadequately stacked are another source of risk. Before loading the racks, double-check the load capacity and make sure the aisles are clear of debris that could cause harm.


  1. Warehouse Dock and Door Safety — one of your facility’s most dangerous sites is the warehouse dock. It’s where moving vehicles congregate, and both people and automobiles are at risk of sliding over the pier. As a result, OSHA mandates the use of safety nets, guardrails, and fall protection in places with a drop of at least 1.2 meters. You may have a safe operation over the area at a low cost by building visual barriers and protections.


  1. When the facility has clogged thoroughfares and blind spots, the aisle ways and pedestrian spaces are risky. It is critical to eliminate these issues by constructing well-defined pedestrian and vehicular thoroughfares. The staff should be reminded to keep these areas free on a regular basis, which is best accomplished through routine inspections. It will also help to ensure that activities run smoothly. The greatest approach to improve workplace safety is to add safety gates, posted signage and floor markings, guardrails, and lighting. Ensure that workers always have easy access to the necessary PPE.


Danger Can Be Prevented Before It Happens


Your crew will be safe if you develop and implement a warehouse safety strategy. Incentivize your employees to be a part of the solution and keep safety at the forefront of their minds via good work practices. Show that you care about their safety by holding workplace safety meetings and instructing them on how to care for the machines and equipment they need to do their tasks. Many teams respond positively to safety incentives for achieving pre-determined safety objectives. The money and time invested keeping your workforce safe is repaid in productivity and the avoidance of costly OSHA fines and penalties.




























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