Roustabout/Rig helper

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Roustabouts are personnel in the oil and gas field that helps to guide the operators and attach lifting slings to the loads. They also mix drilling mud, which is used to lubricate the drill bit that bores into the ground. Roustabouts who work on offshore oil rigs also must maintain the vessel by cleaning, scraping and painting the deck, equipment and work areas.

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Roustabouts are manual laborers who work in the oil and gas drilling industries. They are responsible for a wide variety of tasks aimed at keeping oil and gas rigs running safely and efficiently. Roustabouts typically work difficult shifts that be more than twelve hours long, so they need to be physically fit and have the stamina for hours of manual labor.

Roustabout Duties and Responsibilities

While a roustabout’s daily responsibilities can vary, most share several core duties on oil and gas rigs:

Clean Up Drill Sites and Rigs

Transport and Store Materials

Install Equipment

Repair Pump Equipment

Maintain Drilling and Extraction Tools

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