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Best Rated Transport Company in Nigeria 2022 (Poll)

Best Rated Transport Company in Nigeria 2022 (Poll)


[IT_EPOLL id="6002"][/IT_EPOLL]

It is agreed that an effective and efficient transport system is central to the overall economic development of any nation. Based on the above, Verified Businesses in Nigeria (VBN), in a bid to recognize the contributions of players in this sector decided to put up a live online poll for participants to choose their transport company (Land) of the year 2022.

Your choice should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Fleet modernity (Quality of Cars/ buses used)
  • Quality of Drivers and other support staff
  • Price


NOTE: Each participant is entitled to vote once

Voting starts now!

For more information about the companies listed above please click on the links below:

  1. God is Good Motors click here
  2. Chisco Transport Company click here
  3. ABC Transport Company Limited click here
  4. Young Shall Grow Transport  click here
  5. GUO Transport Company click here
  6. Cross Country Transport Limited click here
  7. Libra Motors click here
  8. Ifesinachi  Transpoet Limited click here
  9. E. Ekeson Transport Limited click here
  10. Peace Mass Transit click here
  11. Efe Executive click here
  12. Royal Mass Transit click here
  13. Bestway Transport Limited click here
  14. Benue Links Nigeria Limited click here

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