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Best Rated Noodles in Nigeria 2022 ( Poll)

Best Rated Noodles in Nigeria 2022 ( Poll)

[IT_EPOLL id=”6211″][/IT_EPOLL]

Best Rated noodles In Nigeria 2022  See who Nigerians are voting, vote for your favorite company.

This is formally requesting our clients, quests, visitors and the general public to participate in our online live voting that is currently on to determine the best rated noodles  in Nigeria. Verified Businesses in Nigeria (VBN) promises to keep private each individual participants response in course of her overall analysis of the total pool outcome. We pick the under listed companies after full consultation with industry stakeholders.

The following criteria should guide your choice:

  • Price
  • Quality of the noodles
  • It’s nutritional content and value
  • General Acceptability


To learn more about the different brands of noodles listed above you can visit  the links below:

  1. Indomie  Noodles click here
  2. Honeywell Noodle click here
  3. Golden Penny Noodles click here
  4. Chikki Noodles  click here
  5. Mimee Noodles click here
  6. Tummy Tummy click here
  7. Cherie Noodle click here
  8. Bestie Noodle click here

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