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Best Rated Mobile App  in Nigeria 2022 ( Poll)

Best Rated Mobile App in Nigeria 2022 ( Poll)

Best Rated mobile APPS   In Nigeria 2022  See who Nigerians are voting, vote for your favorite company.

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There are several mobile apps on on different app stores online. Most of these apps have helped greatly to make life easier for users. Some of these apps are free while others are paid. There are some of these apps that have proven to be very useful and has become part of daily activity for many. In line with this Verified Business of Nigeria (VBN) has put up alive poll to find out  from participants their best mobile app in 2022.The above listed were picked by experts.

The criteria for voting are:

  • Easy to use
  • Its level of acceptance
  • Quality
  • Its user interface
  • Utility


Learn More about the Apps In the competition by clicking the links below:

  1. WhatsApp  click here
  2. YouTube click here
  3. Xender click here
  4. Truecaller click here
  5. Messenger click here
  6. Opera mini click here
  7. Boomplay click here
  8. Twitter App click here
  9. Instagram App click here
  10. Spotify App click here
  11. Facebook App click here
  12. Fair Money App click here
  13. Google Hangout App click here
  14. Google Pay App click here
  15. Google Find My Device click here
  16. Canva  click here
  17. Google Map App click here
  18. Google Play click here
  19. Zoom App  click here



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